Month: February 2018

Apartment in Barcelona, Spain.

This apartment represent a mix of styles and theater effects. Many colors and decorative elements. Different combinations and touches. Simple and unique.

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Lakeside House

This is a multifunctional house, based on a 6 person housebold taste. It is very comfortable and cozy. Its mix use of wood and white colors create a balance of charm and pleasure.

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French style apartment design.

Stylish, fresh and cozy. This no so big apartment has used smart design and lots of natural light that way creating more room than there is. Calming tones and fresh ideas – a place where you love to live.   

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Step back in time – Vintage design

The house is a very nice combination of vintage decor and art. Old chairs and tables, old looking wood that has seen years of wear and tear, unusual colors that are soft. It is a step back in time that creates a feeling of nostalgia. All equally beautiful and sentimentally looking.

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Valentine’s day mood.

The following are some simple and smart ideas to make your place ready for the Lovers Day. Use of candles and other decorative elements enhances the mood and feeling of that special moment with your special one.

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Just a mix of beautiful designs.

These are some random beautiful interior designs that can inspire anyone. Simple and artistic.

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Modern minimalist style apartment.

This modern apartment is minimal in every sense: from small room areas to laconic decoration. The design was based on a comprehensive white color with light black inserts, but in each room, there is a bright blue accent. All the furniture in the home, including a compact kitchen, is very practical and stylish, there is […]

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Industrial style townhouse in Georgia.

Designers of Smith Hanes call their project in Georgia “a residence in a soft industrial style.” Indeed, in design, there are lots of signature style details such as leather, glass, metal, brutal decor, but at the same time, the image was diluted with soft tones, flowers and lovely decor. Black and brown in common areas are […]

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Glamorous dark accented bedroom.

Not everyone can decide on completely black walls at home. Especially in the bedroom, where, as a rule, we all expect to see light and unobtrusive shades. But here we have an example of a rather bold color choice for this very private part of the home – designer Jessie D. Miller created a very dramatic […]

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California house in a danish style.

When designing her own home, Birgitte Pearce faced a problem: it turned out that she herself was her most difficult client. A century-old house in Dutch colonial style required a serious renovation, and when you develop something for yourself, it turns out that there will be no comments like: “Here I would like to see […]

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Brooklyn Apartment

The most important part of the designers was to create as much space as possible. White colors, lots of natural light and smart furniture placement created the so needed space in this Brooklyn apartment.      

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Dark design.

The only bright spot in this Swedish apartment is the entrance hall with a cool marble floor. That’s it! The rest of the spaces are decorated in dark, almost black tones. Perhaps the owner is a nocturnal person and wanted to recreate his favorite atmosphere at home, or maybe it’s the gray Scandinavian landscapes are […]

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Swiss Apartment

The central design elements in this 59 sq. meter apartment in Sweden are two vintage faience ovens. They inspired the designers to use beige and orange details, which, like wood, give warmth and comfort to a monochrome interior. Scandinavians have a unique ability to skillfully decorate even the most ordinary nook – for example, a […]

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